Ok this folks this getting serious at the midst of this huge  online protest, they are still going HUGE promoting these two dangerous acts called SOPA & PIPA.

Which can further end our rights and create North America into a Dictatorship this is madness where do i even start after i saw the commercial?

The talk on some other people on how they see it.

- The spin is just utterly inescapable in this country.
1. They are now painting the people that commit the piracy as foreign scumbag criminals who digitally invade our country and steal our ideas, property and jobs from completely outside of the country. I know for sure this will hit home for at least some people, effectively transferring their thinking ab out piracy(if they even really knew what it was) from high school kids downloading music for free on the internet, to evil foreigners who mean us harm invading our country and taking our jobs.

Then they go on to end the ad with "It's time for a new idea, tell Congress to stop online piracy"

2. Now that uninformed or indifferent people who don't possess sufficient critical thinking skills think of piracy as theft from Americans and the loss of peoples jobs because of greedy malicious foreigners, THEY ARE GONNA WANT TO TELL CONGRESS TO STOP ONLINE PIRACY POSSIBLY AFTER THIS. One more point, I don't know if I just finally have gotten to the point that I am this cynical, but, say someone just hears about the online protest (probably happened a lot today) in passing, or tomorrow or whenever, described as "Yeah all these people on Facebook and Twitter are talking about SOPA, it was a huge protest" then they see this ad, possibly thinking people are protesting foreigners stealing our property and jobs, they might then instinctively think, "Man a lot of people sure do want to STOP ONLINE PIRACY (SOPA), and I'm just not gonna stand for it either, YAY SOPA's GREAT and will save jobs! Let's get it passed!"

Here's the video

Spread The message! do not stop the protests.

The Good news everyone Only Ron Paul is against the SOPA, PIPA acts Rick Santorum has come out in NH in favor of these acts.

You can bet Newt is for them to, that is unless he lies that his against the acts just to steal the votes.


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