You know this quite ridiculous for Americans who have never been to Cuban and have only grown to hate Cuba and its system and to attack people who support him to claim that there IQ will be lowered if someone has his T Shirt i find that pretty stupid.

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Every time I see someone wearing a Che shirt in ernest, I deduct a few IQ points from them.
 Really? and i could say the same thing about the Sean Hannity forums supporting war mongers election candidates expect for one.

Since Sean Hannity is a well known con artist to mislead viewers like he has during the drumbeats on the war With Iraq.

And Now his keeping it silent Sean hannity didn't care that Iraq under saddam had no WMDs and no terrorist base camps were ever found at all.

The same Sean Hannity who was pumping up the war against Iraq is pushing his propaganda against Iran and Iran is a none issue to the American people. 


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