Rush Limbaugh Compares Ron Paul To a Islamic Terrorist.

Well honestly What Rush Limbaugh said to Ron Paul yesterday on the radio was just disgusting, awful, and he showed a zero level of respect towards anyone. 

Yeah and i am sure Rush Limbaugh wouldn' know the  differences from a Islamic Terrorist, seriously though Limbaugh compering Ron Paul to a  Islamic Terrorist?

What you just did Rush Limbaugh yesterday was very disrespectfully and unprofessional i think you owe Congressman Ron Paul a direct apologize to Ron Paul and  apologize to your listeners with few of them who still listen to you.

That was just disgusting.

I guess my fellow Readers in North America Rush Limbaugh is now admitting that the whole war on terror is huge joke on us isn't he now? 
dont you agree? that Rush Limbaugh needs to apologize to Ron Paul?

Personally i believe Rush Limbaugh cant be on the air and you cant bring back the radio listeners with that kind of rhetoric.

Funny that coming from The Same Rush Limbaugh who has before detained by the airport security for taking viagra on his holiday vacation trip.


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